<h1 style="text-align: center">Water Sports Journal</h1> <center> Originally published 2023-04-25 by Nick Sweeting on docs.sweeting.me/s/motorbikes. </center> --- [TOC] --- <br/> ## πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ Swimming I got my lifeguard certification in summer camp and am comfortable in ocean and fresh water. ## 🀿 SCUBA Diving I have my open water and Nitrox certifications, and 4 dives in my log as of 2023 (PDC, Mexico). ## πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Wake-Boarding I've wake-boarded/wake-skated about a dozen times. I can do small jumps but not a 180ΒΊ yet. ## πŸ’¨ Wind-Surfing I'm a beginner windsurfer with about 14hr of practice over two days. I can cruise and tack in easy conditions but can't do anything fancy. ## πŸ›₯️ Jet-Skiing I've gone jetskiing 3 times in Guatape, Colombia. ## πŸ›Ά Canoeing Have done two 20km+ canoe camping trips in Quebec. Have done a couple >1km portages. <small>(and <i>thousands</i> of mosquito/black fly bites 🦟)</small> ## ⛡️ Sailing Have sailed on small boats a handful of times. I know some theory + knots but cant sail solo yet. ## πŸͺ Wish list: Kite-Boarding I have not kite-boarded yet but I really want to in the SF Bay Area! <br/> --- <br/> # Related Journals * **[🏍️ Motorbiking Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/motorbikes)** * [🚲 Bicycling Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/bicycle-journal) * [🚐 Vanlife Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/vanlife-journal) * [πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ Climbing Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/climbing-journal) * **[🏁 Racing & Rally Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/racing-journal)** - [πŸ‚ Winter Sports Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/snow-journal) - [🌊 Water Sports Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/water-journal) - [πŸͺ‚ Air Sports Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/air-journal) - **[🚁 Drone Flying Journal](https://docs.monadical.com/s/drone-journal)** * **[πŸ—ΊοΈ Guide: Off-Road Route Finding & Navigation With GPX Tracks](https://docs.monadical.com/s/offroad-navigation)** * [🧳 Guide: Adventure Gear & Packing Lists for Off-Road Moto-Camping](https://docs.monadical.com/s/packing-lists) * **[🏍️ Listicle: Motorbikes I've Owned and Enjoyed Using](https://docs.monadical.com/s/motorbikes-used)**