<center> <img src="https://archivebox.io/icon.png" height="70px"> <h1>ArchiveBox Consulting Services Overview</h1> </center> <br/> [ArchiveBox.io](https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox) is available off-the-shelf for free, but it's backed by a team of engineers with decades of experience who can be hired to help customize it to your org's needs. <br/> > Initial consultation with our team is free, call or chat with us to discuss your organization and your internet archiving needs. <center> <a href="https://calendly.com/nicksweeting/choose-a-time" class="btn btn-success btn-md">Schedule an intro call &nbsp;📞</a> &nbsp; or &nbsp; <a href="https://zulip.archivebox.io/#narrow/stream/167-enterprise/topic/welcome" class="btn btn-info btn-md">Ask us questions on Zulip &nbsp;đŸ’Ŧ</a> </center><br/> > If we're not a good fit, we'll connect you with other [software tool providers](https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox/wiki/Web-Archiving-Community) in the industry who might suit you better (free of charge), or our archivist [dev partners](https://monadical.com). > > Check out the details of our paid consulting services below. <br/> --- **Table of Contents** [TOC] --- <br/> <br/> ## Services Offered > We engage 3~5 contracting clients at a time, typically 10 ~ 25hr/wk per client. > We offer development/support services, and knowledge work like training/advising. <br/> ### Development Services - **Hosted server setup** on your company's infrastructure or AWS/Azure/etc. - Admin & standard user account provisioning for your team (up to 100 users) - Server security hardening, firewall configuration, access permissions setup - Setup of automated backups and data integrity checking (using ZFS/rsnapshotd) - **Ongoing maintenance & technical support** - <b style="font-weight: 600">⭐ī¸ Support for avoiding CAPTCHAs, rate-limiting, geo-fencing, ads/popups, etc.</b> - On-call text & phone support w/ 4-day turnaround (`included`), or faster SLAs (`+$`) - Managed upgrades when new ArchiveBox, Chrome, `yt-dlp`, etc. versions are released - User account administration (adding, removing, linking users & permissions with SSO) - One-off cleanup jobs (e.g. pruning un-needed snapshots, cleaning up tagging, etc.) - Migrations to new servers, restoring from backups, or changing other system setup - **Custom ArchiveBox feature development** & priority bug-fixes for your organization - Adding new buttons or functionality to the ArchiveBox UI, CLI, or extension - Adding configuration options or tuning parmeters to existing functionality - Adding custom archiving workflows and scripts to handle specific types of sites - Adding new REST API endpoints for external systems to access/modify data & config - **Integration with other tools & custom workflows** in your organization - Setup of periodic importing of URLs from scraping or collection tools your org uses - Automatic archival with varying options based on user-assigned or AI-assigned tags - Auto (*push* or *pull*) exporting of snapshots to other systems (e.g. evidence collection) - Setup of enhanced chain-of-custody audit logging, hashing, integrity checking, etc. <br/> ### Knowledge Services <span style="opacity: 0.8"> - Project scoping & feasibility study - Customized training on ArchiveBox or other archiving software - Referrals and white-glove handoff to internet archiving provider partners or general technical staff augmentation consulting partner (Monadical.com) - Speaking engagements, company internal presentations, guest lectures, etc. </span> <br/><br/> --- <br/> ## Pricing Information <br/> **For all engagements:** - Work summaries are provided with each invoice (broken down by task) - Scheduling priority is given to the longest-term projects - Invoice minimums can be reduced in exchange for more scheduling flexibility - Our developers are available for virtual meetings 1~4x/week (during PST work hours) <br/> <span style="opacity: 0.6; color: green"> ### Initial Consultations (free) > Intro calls, advice, feasibility chats, quick questions are **free** (up to ~1hr). > > <a href="https://calendly.com/nicksweeting/choose-a-time" class="btn btn-success btn-md">Schedule an intro call &nbsp;📞</a> </span> <br/> ### Short-Term Development Engagements ($190/hr) > Typically 2-8 weeks for a basic setup, integration, and limited development trial run - **`$190/hr`** rate (as needed / as available) - `$3k` payment for first `16hr` *due in advance*, hours worked are invoiced every 1 or 2 weeks <br/> ### Long-Term Development Engagements ($185/hr) > Typically 3-8 months for full integration w/ training & support + custom development - **`$185/hr * 8hr/day/developer`** rate (up to 4 developers, as available / as needed) - `$7.4k` payment for first `40hr` *due in advance*, invoiced every 2 or 4 weeks thereafter - Project-based billing available for large projects (subject to our discretion) <br/> <span style="opacity: 0.7"> ### Knowledge Transfer Engagements ($150/hr, billed hourly) (training, industry insights, design review, feasability study, partner handoffs, etc.) - **`$150/hr`** or project-based, billed as a single simplified invoice - `$500/engagement` minimum <small>(lowerable in special cases for non-profits/education orgs)</small> <br/> ### *Extra* On-Call Technical Support (billed hourly) > Useful for public launch dates, trial dates, critical sprints, security patching, etc. - Contact us if you need &lt;48hr response-time SLAs or other support guarantees </span> <br/> <small> All prices are in USD, all taxes and fees on our end are included, no hidden charges. Prices subject to change. </small> <br/> --- <br/> ## Calendar Availability <br/> <!-- > Two years ago, I left the [other company](https://monadical.com/team.html#:~:text=%F0%9F%87%A8%F0%9F%87%A6-,Nick%20Sweeting,-Product%20Management%2C%20Devops) I co-founded to [work on ArchiveBox full-time](https://docs.monadical.com/s/blog#-ArchiveBoxio-Founder--Open-Source-Maintainer-2017---Present-%E2%AD%90%EF%B8%8F). In 2023, ArchiveBox hit 5M+ downloads and 17k+ Github Stars, and we started offering paid contracting and support. Archivebox is still growing every year, and contracting is how we fund it! > > These days as the founder, a quarter of my time is reserved for open source support, administration, and marketing/growth, but the rest is free for clients to book. In 2024 we aim to support a mix of larger, slower-moving government agencies and new faster-moving clients. --> ### 2024 Calendar Year <br/> <img src="https://docs.monadical.com/uploads/141b6e93-1d89-49cb-b764-7dd8adfa279b.png" style="float: right; max-width: 190px; margin-top: 20px"/> - ~~**2024 Q1** `~15hr/wk available`~~ - **2024 Q2** `~20hr/wk available` - **2024 Q3 ~ Q4:** `~20hr/wk available` (projected) <small> <br/> Numbers above are estimates. If ArchiveBox hits capacity sooner than expected or a client needs more help than we can provide ourselves, we are able to fluidly onboard more people from the Monadical team to help. Monadical.com is an international remote software consultancy (started by the ArchiveBox founder) with 30+ developers on staff, several of whom have extensive ArchiveBox development experience. </small> <br/> ### Onboarding Timeline <br/> <span style="opacity: 0.7"> - [x] 1. **~1hr** Introductory call between ArchiveBox and client team lead - [x] 2. **~1hr** Review this document to learn about the ArchiveBox consulting process </span> - [ ] 3. **~2 days** Get legal signoff on [engagement contract, SOW/proposal](#Engagement-Contract-amp-SOW), and [billing setup](#Billing-Information) - [ ] 4. **~1hr** Confirm proposal and sign engagement contract, discuss onboarding timeline &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="https://calendly.com/nicksweeting/choose-a-time" class="btn btn-success btn-sm">Click to schedule this call >></a><br/><br/> <span style="opacity: 0.7"> - [ ] 4. **~1 day** Onboarding: set up chat channels & tools, meet team members, pay first invoice - [ ] 5. **~2 days** Confirm detailed specifications and priorities, lay out itemized roadmap - [ ] 6. *Begin integration, setup, and development work, check-in & invoice periodically...* </span> <br/> > New client onboarding usually takes about 1 week, and can be expedited if needed. <br/> --- <br/> <br/> ## Engagement Contract & SOW <br/> Before work, an **engagement contract** should be signed, edit this template or send us yours: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lcla09vyZg5vm2hgS-o08UKHdKxKXgH9VBkPqMhWd-E/ <sup>(link is to example template contract, ignore the prices listed, contracts/SOWs/proposals are customized for each client)</sup> <br/> A **statement of work** (SOW) or **proposal** document can also be provided if requested, e.g.: https://docs.monadical.com/s/Sk6yxVqPU <sup>(proposals are in-depth documents tailored to satisfy RFP/procurement processes, we may bill for time spent preparing)</sup> <br/> ## Invoicing, Payment, and Tax Information <br/> <img src="https://docs.monadical.com/uploads/51cb09d1-8da6-4fdd-b848-4cab43f73e9c.png" style="max-width: 300px; width: 100%; float: right" alt="Example invoice for trial week engagement"/> ### Payments & Invoices <br/> **Payment can be sent via ACH**, Wire Transfer (SWIFT), Credit/Debit <small>(+3% fee)</small>, CashApp, or cryptocurrency. <small> We also support Bill.com, [Submittable](https://www.submittable.com/), Stampli, Gusto, etc. </small> <br/> **One initial payment is due in advance** for new clients, [NET30 terms](https://gocardless.com/en-us/guides/posts/what-does-net-30-mean-finance/) apply to each invoice date after that. <br/> <a href="https://invoice.stripe.com/i/acct_1CWoeyFSaumjmb9r/live_YWNjdF8xQ1dvZXlGU2F1bWptYjlyLF9QTWY5Q2s2T3RlUHRKb3cxNnVUM2Y1WXZYdWI4OTZWLDk1NjQ5Mzgx0200XDoYnEX9?s=ap" class="btn btn-success btn-lg">Example initial retainer invoice (16hr trial) ➡ī¸</a> <br/> <small style="opacity: 0.7"> **[Non-profit donations](https://hcb.hackclub.com/donations/start/archivebox) are tax-deductable**, payments for services are not. Credit card fees/VAT not included. </small> <br/><br/> ### Billing Information <img src="https://docs.monadical.com/uploads/b995ed1c-01ef-49ff-b503-9484a248992b.png" style="max-width: 300px; float: right"/> - **Legal Company Name:** `The Hack Foundation` <small>([HCB](https://hackclub.com/hcb/) provides `ArchiveBox` non-profit status & banking)</small> - **Cheque Memo/Notes:** `For ArchiveBox (#4025)` - **Tax ID (EIN):** `81-2908499` <small>(USA)</small> - **Company Type:** `501(c)(3) nonprofit` - **Billing Phone #:** `+1 (888) 573-4521` - **Billing Address / Legal Address:** ``` ArchiveBox (#4025) c/o The Hack Foundation 8605 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 86294 West Hollywood, CA 90069 ``` <small> ArchiveBox does business as a [`501(c)(3) non-profit`](https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/charitable-organizations/exemption-requirements-501c3-organizations) in the USA, [fiscally sponsored](https://hackclub.com/hcb/) and administered by [`The Hack Foundation`](https://the.hackfoundation.org/) (an organization that helps small tech non-profits with administrative support, tax filing, and payment processing, similar to [Open Collective](https://opencollective.com/)). </small> <br/> <span style="opacity: 0.8"> ### Primary Contact Information If billing/RFP/legal paperwork requires a legal name, address, TIN, etc. for an individual, use: - **Primary Contact:** `Nicholas` `Sweeting` (ArchiveBox CEO / Founder) - **Email:** `consultingservices` `@` `archivebox.io` - **CV/Resume:** [Personal Website](https://docs.sweeting.me/s/blog#Full-Time-Jobs) or [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicksweeting/) - **Nationality:** USA (citizen & current resident) - **Home Address:** `**** **** ** Emeryville, CA` (contact me via [Email or Zulip](https://zulip.archivebox.io/#narrow/dm/284-Nick-Sweeting) to request) - **Cell Phone:** `+1 (503) ***-****` (contact me via [Email or Zulip](https://zulip.archivebox.io/#narrow/dm/284-Nick-Sweeting) to request) - **Tax ID:** `***-**-****` (contact me via [Email or Zulip](https://zulip.archivebox.io/#narrow/dm/284-Nick-Sweeting) to request TIN, DOB, W9, if needed) <a href="https://zulip.archivebox.io/#narrow/dm/284-Nick-Sweeting" class="btn btn-info btn-sm">Request any additional primary contact info >></a> </span> <br/> --- <br/> ## Legal FAQ <br/> > This is a high-level summary of the terms we enforce in engagement contracts. <br/> #### Invoice Payment Terms: First invoice due in advance, NET-30 terms after that <details> <summary>Click to expand...</summary><br/> After the first invoice, we use [NET 30](https://gocardless.com/en-us/guides/posts/what-does-net-30-mean-finance/) terms starting from the date invoices are issued. Work is paused if payment is overdue and there is no communication for more than 7 days. </details> #### Non-Discolsure Agreements / RFP Applications: Ok for larger projects that warrant it <details> <summary>Click to expand...</summary><br/> We are willing to sign NDAs and work with government RFP processes for long-term or high security projects. <small style="opacity: 0.05">(usually &gt;$100k)</small> <!-- subliminal messaging 🌈 --> </details> #### Liability Limits: You're responsible for how you use ArchiveBox, no piracy allowed <details> <summary>Click to expand...</summary><br/> Internet archiving has many legally recognized uses and [copyright excemptions](https://www.copyright.gov/title17/) in different jurisdictions ([e.g. "Fair Use" in the US](https://blog.archive.org/2024/03/01/fair-use-in-action-at-the-internet-archive/)), but sometimes it's just seen as unwanted bot traffic. Clients should be aware of the local and international regulations that apply to accessing and storing the content they're archiving, and obtain legal counsel to understand the implications of accessing, copying, reformatting, and/or republishing that content. ArchiveBox is a generic tool and can be used like a browser to access and store wide array of content on the web. ArchiveBox, its developers, and its contributors are not legally liable for how the client chooses to operate the software. > We support artists, writers, musicians, etc. ability to make money off their content, and we will not aid clients in deliberate piracy or evasion of copyright law for profit. *More info: [ArchiveBox Background & Motivation...](https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox#background--motivation)* </details> #### Branding & Trademark: White-labeling is encouraged, use your own logos & branding <details> <summary>Click to expand...</summary><br/> The trademark `ArchiveBox` â„ĸī¸ is owned by us and registered with the USPTO # `98177129`, please ask before using any of our branding publicly. If you make your snapshot content or ArchiveBox admin pages public, you must white-label your server and replace the [default branding](https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox/wiki/Configuration#custom_templates_dir) & [admin contact info](https://github.com/ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox/wiki/Configuration#footer_info) with your own. </details> #### Open-Source Intellectual Property: ArchiveBox's code is public domain (MIT License) <details> <summary>Click to expand...</summary><br/> New ArchiveBox features or bugfixes developed as part of paid contracting engagements *default to being merged back into the open-source ArchiveBox project* and made available to all users (unless otherwise discussed in writing). Our open-source code is covered by the MIT License, which grants clients unlimited use, re-use, and modification rights. > ArchiveBox is an open-source project and we direct all revenue towards public development. It exists and thrives today because of public contribution, and the many eyes provided by the open source community allow us to increase the quality and feature-set offered to everyone, including paying clients. <small>Client-owned codebases remain confidential and private however (see "Your Intellectual Property" below).</small> For clients that require confidentiality (e.g. legal teams collecting and preserving evidence for a trial), we can set up secured ArchiveBox instances (with hashing, encryption, access control features) and take measures to enhance confidentiality around ArchiveBox code changes. </details> #### Your Intellectual Property: Your org's data and codebases are always in your control <details> <summary>Click to expand...</summary><br/> If we provide development work on private, client-owned codebases incidentally during a paid consulting engagement, that IP is retained by the client and is *not* made open source by default. For example, if a change needs to be pushed to an internal client tool to fix a call to the ArchiveBox API, the client retains ownership over any changes commited to their codebase. Data *collected with ArchiveBox* remain private to the client and unshared by default. ##### Software Patents: Not worth it ArchiveBox [does not support software patents](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_patent_debate), we believe they they harm the open source ecosystem and don't work in practice to defend innovators against copycats. We respectfully decline to work on any features, sub-components, or spin-off projects that clients intend on obtaining software patents for. ArchiveBox has no issue with non-software patents, copyright law, or trademark law though. </details> <br/> --- <br/> <center> <a href="https://calendly.com/nicksweeting/choose-a-time" class="btn btn-success btn-lg">Schedule an intro call &nbsp;📞</a> &nbsp; or &nbsp; <a href="https://zulip.archivebox.io/#narrow/stream/167-enterprise/topic/welcome" class="btn btn-info btn-lg">Chat with us on Zulip &nbsp;đŸ’Ŧ</a> <br/><br/> [ArchiveBox.io](https://archivebox.io) Šī¸ 2024 </center>